Jarmor (Java ASCII armor)


Jarmor is a tiny collection of java filters implementing ASCII armors.


ASCII armors are data converters between binary format and textual format. They are used for example by mailers to handle mail attachements. They can also be used for example to store binary data in an otherwise textual format, for example XML.

Several popular encoding algorithms exists. They all rely on a small subset of ASCII for the textual format and they all increase the size of the encoded data with respect to the raw binary data. Jarmor supports encoding and decoding using the Base64, Base32, Base16, UUCP and ASCII85 encodings.

These classes extends for the decoders and for the encoders. This allows to put them simply in data streams and encode/decode binary streams on the fly.


The latest version is available on the downloads page.

The javadoc can be browsed online here.