Mantissa (Mathematical Algorithms for Numerical Tasks In Space System Applications)

Mantissa (Mathematical Algorithms for Numerical Tasks In Space System Applications). It is a collection of various mathematical tools developed for simulation purposes. It contains some linear algebra, least squares and geometrical features, and a set of state of the art algorithms for Ordinary Differential Equations solving, all of them supporting multiple switching functions and dense output, as well as some other features.

RKcheck (Runge-Kutta checker)

RKxheck is a tool to check the order of any Runge-Kutta method using exact arithmetic if possible.

Jarmor (Java ASCII armor)

Jarmor is a tiny collection a stream filters implementing ASCII armors for converting data from binary format to textual format. It is used for example by mailers to handle mail attachements. Jarmor supports encoding and decoding using the Base64, Base32, Base16, UUCP and ASCII85 encodings.


EllipticalArc is a stand-alone java class implementing the algorithms described in the Drawing an elliptical arc using polylines, quadratic or cubic Bézier curves paper.