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Apache commons-math

Commons-math is a library of lightweight, self-contained mathematics and statistics components addressing the most common problems not available in the Java programming language or Commons Lang.

Guiding principles:

  1. Real-world application use cases determine development priority.
  2. This package emphasizes small, easily integrated components rather than large libraries with complex dependencies and configurations.
  3. All algorithms are fully documented and follow generally accepted best practices.
  4. In situations where multiple standard algorithms exist, a Strategy pattern is used to support multiple implementations.
  5. Limited dependencies. No external dependencies beyond Commons components and the core Java 2 platform.

As of 2006, a process to merge parts of Mantissa into Commons-math as been started. Stay tuned for further announcements, and feel free to say what you think about it, either by sending a mail to Luc (luc(at)spaceroots(dot)org) or to the jakarta commons mailing list.


Orekit (ORbits Extrapolation KIT) is a free low level space dynamics library written in Java.

It provides basic elements (orbits, dates, attitude, frames ...) and various algorithms to handle them (conversions, analytical and numerical propagation, pointing ...).

Orekit has already been used successfully in operational space missions.

JAT (Java Astrodynamics Toolkit)

The goal of the JAT Project is to develop reusable software tools for research in astrodynamics, including mission design, trajectory optimization, spacecraft navigation, attitude determination and control. The Java language has also been chosen for the development of the JAT project.

Projects using libraries or documentations published in SpaceRoots

Here are the projects known to use some of the products that can be found in this site. There are also several other commercial uses of SpaceRoots code, algorithms or architecture we are aware of (some of them because we were directly involved) but that do not advertise it. It is fine as is and we are happy with this status, we only don't advertise them either.

If you use SpaceRoots products and want to be listed here, do not hesitate and drop us a mail.


The goals of the JScience Project are

  • to provide the most comprehensive JavaTM library for the scientific community
  • to create synergy between all sciences (e.g. math, physics, sociology, biology, astronomy, economics, etc.) by integrating them into a single architecture
  • to provide the best on-line services (webstart) for scientific calculations and visualizations


Remote Experiments for Active Learning lab is a project of the Department of Computer and Systems Science (DIS) of the University of Rome "La Sapienza", founded in November 2000. It aims to provide educational tools for students. This project uses parts of Mantissa for the ODE integration in the virtual experiments parts.


Here are some of the tools that are used in the SpaceRoots project.


Ant is a powerful Java-based portable build tool.


Junit is a unit test tools allowing to develop simply and incrementally a test suite as you develop your application. It is a pure product of extreme programming ideas. Written by Erich Gamma (yes, this is one of the guys who wrote the design patterns book) and Kent Beck.


Maxima is a free computer algebra system. It is a descendant of DOE Macsyma.